Why Do You Donate?

These teachers donated in memory of a 2nd-grade student who loved art….Image-1

Sofia Komp was a 2nd-grader at Prairie Trace Elementary who passed away unexpectedly on September 21, 2014. She was known by her classmates and teachers for her bright spirit and love of art. She loved God and her family very much and was always happiest when she was surrounded by them. “She wanted to be an artist with a backup career as a magician, fashion designer, or pop star and spent many hours in pursuit of that dream. She expressed herself in colors and words, painting and writing stories,” said her mother, Jessica Komp in a tribute to her daughter.

This year teachers at Prairie Trace Elementary School donated to AWAH in Sofia’s memory to provide another young aspiring artist with the opportunity to enjoy art just as Sofia had. “Sofia made a lasting impact on everyone she met and went to school with, and just had so much potential and a love for learning,” said Sarah Awe, a teacher at Prairie Trace Elementary. The student body also got involved by wearing teal clothing, Sofia’s favorite color.

The teachers at Prairie Trace have been donating to nonprofits every other Friday for the past 3 years, an idea brought to the school by Principal Jill Schipp. Teachers pay to wear jeans and then donate the proceeds to a local nonprofit of their choice. This school and its staff have created such an amazing atmosphere for charitable giving and we are so honored to have been chosen as the recipients of their donation in Sofia’s memory.

Thank you, Prairie Trace Elementary!


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