We’re Growing!

As a supporter you probably realize by now how small the staff is at Art With a Heart.  Just four people manage the delivery of programs to around 2,500 students.  That number is significantly larger than it was even before the recession and it has been achieved thanks to the immense effort of our program director and the program managers who work for her.  With the roll out of our new kindergarten program the demand for our services is increasing even further.  So it’s time for us to establish some support positions that allow our managers to reach a sustainable level of work – we have a great team and we want everyone to be happy, fulfilled and successful in their work!

To that end we’re looking for a small number of people for some key positions in the next 12 months.  The first position we’re filling is volunteer management.  This starts out at about 5-10 hours  a week over summer and we hope to ramp up the schedule to around 20 hours a week in the fall.  We’re looking for someone who wants to help make a difference and earn a little extra money in the process.   There will be significant flexibility in working hours but no benefits.    I would love to hear from anyone interested in talking about the position, call Andrew at 317 966 6920.

Other positions we’re looking to fill include program schedulers which are seasonal (April/May and Aug/Sep) and paid as well as data entry which are volunteer positions.  In each of these cases we would give priority to people with an interest in longer term engagement.  Please encourage potential candidates to contact us through the website or at the number above.

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