Week of Giving

What is she doing before you are home?


What do you want her to be doing?

The most dangerous time of day for children isn’t the middle of the night. Often it is the hours between coming home from school and parents returning from work. How can you help these kids make the right choices?

Students at Meredith Nicholson School 96 are choosing to spend those hours on an afterschool art program. The school uses all its Title 1 dollars to provide language specialists for the high number of ELL students, so the school needs help from the community to fund its popular program. Last year, the afterschool program had 60+ students apply for 24 spots.

We need your help to keep kids safe, and keep them educated.  If we raise $2,750, it will pay for all materials, teaching time, and all the support activities that make the magic happen.

Giving a small donation makes a big difference.

What could your spare change do for at risk children?

$10 buys enough materials to support a student for 10 weeks

$18 provides an enhanced background check required by IPS for classroom volunteers

$30 funds one hour of teaching time

$55 covers the cost of creating our unique multi-cultural curriculum: developed in-house with new activities each school year.
$100 pays for one student to participate in the program