Volunteer Spotlight Mary Oss - JanuaryMary is one of our amazing office volunteers. She’s a semi-retired bookkeeper who currently works part-time for Shannon Door. Mary graciously uses her spare time to not only volunteer her skills to help us but also for Partnerships for Lawrence Arts and SS Peter & Paul Cathedral.

“In 2013, I was introduced to AWaH through a shared fundraiser that the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra was doing with AWaH.  I moved when I received a personal thank you note from one of AWaH’s Honors Class students that when I retired from the ICO in 2014, AWaH was the first organization that I contacted to do volunteer work,” said Mary.

She told us that the most rewarding part of volunteering is seeing the results of the work that AWaH does in the community. Mary said, “It is not just about today, it is about the future of our culture and the importance of creativity in our lives.”

Art is such a large part of Mary’s life and also in the lives of the people around her. Her husband was an artist and she reveled in being part of his creative process, and also her brother  who does amazing work with stained glass and wood.

“Art is amazing and we should all hold it in our hearts. I have been a patron of the arts for many years and believe that the imagination of the young should get all of the support that we can give them.”

Thank you, Mary, for being such dedicated volunteer!

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