Two young students are making meaningful connections with AWaH kindergarteners!

Volunteer Spotlight Kendra & RondaKendra and Ronda are both juniors at Damar Charter Academy. They are currently volunteering with us once a week at Center for Inquiry School 2 for our Creative Kindergarten Connections program. While they are relatively new volunteers, you wouldn’t know it because they have already made such an impression on the students and have been equally impacted themselves.

Ronda said, “One little girl connected with me immediately within the very first week. She gives me hugs as soon as I walk into the room, always sits next to me during her group time, and makes sure to find me if there’s any extra time in class while we’re there.” She loves how rewarding the experience is for everyone involved, and to be looked up to as a role model by the students.

Kendra told us that what she has enjoyed most is watching the students grow their knowledge of numbers, shapes, and colors. She loves that she is able to be a consistent part of the students’ education and that they always recognize her from week to week. In Kendra’s words, “Art With a Heart is an awesome program both for volunteers and students. I would’ve loved to have had the same experience when I was that age!”

We are so lucky to have amazing volunteers like Kendra and Ronda! Thank you!