Thank You Salesforce Volunteers!

Meet the two wonderful volunteers from Salesforce who love helping us out at IPS #51 for Creative Kindergarten Connections.

2016-02-17 14.38.09Janet Stimac and Tim Tan are volunteers in our CKC program who both work at Salesforce here in Indianapolis! Salesforce encourages all of their employees to get involved and to give back to the community, and they have partnered with us to support our programming at IPS #51. We’ve been so happy to have these two volunteers, and they both have been equally impressed with the program.

“So far I’ve really enjoyed volunteering in the program! I got interested in it when I heard about how much fun it was from another employee’s mom, so I checked out the website, got to shadow another volunteer in a classroom, and now I’m at #51 once a week,” said Janet, “I love art, that’s my creative outlet, and when you’re working in a tech driven company it’s great to have that experience apart from work.” She said that each week gets better and better because the kids become more confident in their artistic abilities and also become more comfortable with her.

“I remember having art incorporated into my school lessons as a young student, and I think that’s something that has really encouraged my creative side. I do feel that art is very important to have incorporated into the STEM idea because students need both to become a well-rounded person. I think that Art With a Heart’s CKC program helps them understand more ways to learn, and the art lessons help them connect better with the letters and numbers they’re learning,” said Janet.2016-02-17 14.07.35

Tim said, “It can be challenging some days because I’ve never worked with younger kids before, but overall it has been an enjoyable experience. I wish it was more than once a week.” Tim doesn’t have any artistic background like Janet, which allows each volunteer to approach volunteering in their own unique ways. I had some, but nothing significant enough like AWaH. I feel like AWaH is much more streamlined and involved with the activities. It’s something that I feel like the kids look forward to.2016-02-17 14.27.05

“I had some art in school, but nothing significant enough like what AWaH provides. I feel like the CKC program is much more streamlined and involved with the activities which engages the students so much they hardly realize they’re learning. It’s something that I feel like the kids definitely look forward to each week,” said Tim.

Both volunteers agreed that the strengths of the program are that the students get to do a variety of things each session, it allows students to use their imaginations, allows students to get to do things they don’t normally get to do, gives them more one-on-one time with positive role models, and has great training and resources.

Thanks so much Janet, Tim, and Salesforce for helping to make this program successful!

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