Thank You Salesforce Volunteers!

Meet the two wonderful volunteers from Salesforce who love helping us out at IPS #51 for Creative Kindergarten Connections.Salesforce Logo

Janet Stimac and Tim Tan are volunteers in our CKC program who both work at Salesforce here in Indianapolis! Salesforce encourages all of their employees to get involved and to give back to the community, and they have partnered with us to support our programming at IPS #51. We’ve been so happy to have these two volunteers, and they both have been equally impressed with the program.

“So far I’ve really enjoyed volunteering in the program! I got interested in it when I heard about how much fun it was from another employee’s mom, so I checked out the website, got to shadow another volunteer in a classroom, and now I’m at #51 once a week,” said Janet, “I love art, that’s my creative outlet, and when you’re working in a tech driven company it’s great to have that experience apart from work.” She said that each week gets better and better because the kids become more confident in their artistic abilities and also become more comfortable with her.


Volunteer Spotlight – Mary Oss

Volunteer Spotlight Mary Oss - JanuaryMary is one of our amazing office volunteers. She’s a semi-retired bookkeeper who currently works part-time for Shannon Door. Mary graciously uses her spare time to not only volunteer her skills to help us but also for Partnerships for Lawrence Arts and SS Peter & Paul Cathedral.

“In 2013, I was introduced to AWaH through a shared fundraiser that the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra was doing with AWaH.  I moved when I received a personal thank you note from one of AWaH’s Honors Class students that when I retired from the ICO in 2014, AWaH was the first organization that I contacted to do volunteer work,” said Mary.


Volunteer Spotlight – Sobia Shakeel

Volunteer Spotlight Sobia ShakeelSobia is a former teacher from Pakistan. This is her 2nd year volunteering with AWaH at IPS #96. “I’m getting so much out of my volunteer experience. I love seeing the twinkle in a student’s eyes when they are creating art and learning from it,” said Sobia. She describes her time with AWaH as fulfilling, rewarding and most importantly fun.


CKC Program Successes!

How students and teachers are impacted, volunteers’ gushing opinions, and how your donations make it all possible.

Wondering how our Creative Kindergarten Connections programming is going? It couldn’t be better! This year’s evaluation results painted a colorful picture of how the program is enjoyed by students, teachers, volunteers and principals. Results have shown overall growth in students’ creativity, improvement in self-governing behaviors thaCKC pict positively impact reading by 3rd grade and accelerated learning of art skills. The students and teachers who participated in the programming related many endearing stories of the positive learning and teaching environments created during AWaH; demonstrating the value of having in-school-day art programming in our Indianapolis schools.

We were really pleased to know that we avoided ‘initiative fatigue’ among teachers and instead received so much positive feedback from teachers who had completed two years of the program.  Although teachers acknowledged the extra work, they clearly recognized that they grew as teachers and had confidence in the success of their students.  One teacher participating in the program for the second year said, “It allows me to do what I enjoy most about teaching…watching students learn while being creative.” Another teacher told us, “This program allows me to teach the way I was trained to teach and I can see the positive effects with the students.”


Volunteer Spotlight

Two young students are making meaningful connections with AWaH kindergarteners!

Volunteer Spotlight Kendra & RondaKendra and Ronda are both juniors at Damar Charter Academy. They are currently volunteering with us once a week at Center for Inquiry School 2 for our Creative Kindergarten Connections program. While they are relatively new volunteers, you wouldn’t know it because they have already made such an impression on the students and have been equally impacted themselves.