Student Story

A bright young child, supported by his wonderful family learns, to love art through Creative Kindergarten Connections.

2016-02-17 10.26.36Royce is super fun, shy 1st grader at CFI 2 this year who loves reading, learning, and of course, playing video games in his spare time! We met Royce in our Creative Kindergarten Connections program because at the start of the school year, he was actually a Kindergartener! Royce felt bored a lot during the school day because he wasn’t being challenged enough in Kindergarten and was asked if he’d like to move up to 1st grade, which he admitted to his family that he was nervous and unsure about what to do. Royce’s loving and supportive co-parents, Nichole Stevens and Cindy McGillem, are both volunteers at CFI 2 in the CKC program and saw first-hand how much Royce really blossomed throughout the program, and came up with a solution for their son that would both challenge and excite him for school. Royce agreed to move up to 1st grade ONLY if he was able to continue participating in the CKC program for the remainder of the year!

Royce told us that he didn’t really like school because he felt bored a lot of the time, and when we asked him, “What about Art With a Heart’s CKC program makes school more engaging?” he replied, “Well, it just keeps me less bored for that morning.” Cindy told me that she was pleasantly surprised by that response because before his involvement in the program he never expressed any interest in art or creative activities. Royce then chimed in to say, “I like making art and painting; I REALLY like paints!” Cindy was glad to say that one of the first things on Royce’s Christmas list this past year was a paint set, and he was so excited when he got them.2016-02-17 11.03.04

It’s so amazing to hear stories like this from students and their parents who are involved in our programs. It’s even more amazing to work with this supportive school that recognizes CKC’s positive impact on students like Royce!

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