The staff at Art With a Heart are driven by a desire to bring top quality programs to all students regardless of their background.  We love seeing students discover the joy of engaging in, creating and understanding art.  This is a small, highly motivated, highly trained and highly committed team.  Read on to learn more about the team that teachers want to work with!

Steven Stolen
Managing Director

Faren jones
Development Director

Kelly Bradbury
Volunteer Manager


Kelly is a former elementary school teacher with a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction. After working as a classroom teacher, she became an instructional coach and mentored others to improve teaching strategies and classroom management.  Kelly was employed as a Site Director for AWaH Creative Classroom Connections from 2015-2018.   As a Site Director, Kelly enjoyed working with volunteers and teachers to integrate art into the classroom.   In the fall of 2018, Kelly took on the new AWAH role of volunteer manager!

Laura Hurrle
Site Director

Laura has a degree in biology and a love for visual arts. Art classes throughout high school and college were a welcomed break from all the text books. They served to keep her in touch with her creativity, showing her first-hand how the arts enhanced her education. Adding to her love of learning was a simple statement by a chemistry professor at Purdue: “I want you to start thinking like a kindergartner again. Start asking why! Why is the sky blue? Why does this balloon float?…” Since then, She has admired how curious and wonderful the childhood mind is and how fun and natural learning is for kids. She purposely attempts to continue to think like a child as often as possible and incorporates this philosophy into her Art With a Heart classrooms. Laura’s favorite aspect of her job is listening to children discuss their artwork…they see so much more than us adults!  In her spare time, Laura enjoys being outdoors, gardening and playing as often as possible. She recently has found the joy of rock climbing and hopes this will add to her ninja skills!

Monica Sanchez
SIte Director