The staff at Art With a Heart are driven by a desire to bring top quality programs to all students regardless of their background.  We love seeing students discover the joy of engaging in, creating and understanding art.  This is a small, highly motivated, highly trained and highly committed team.  Read on to learn more about the team that teachers want to work with!


Andrew Lee
Executive Director

Andrew HeadshotAndrew came to the US in 1999 from Bristol, England. He was lured by the prospect of exploring the continent and being a kept man. Instead, he took classes at IUPUI and has since been surprised at how useful an MBA can be in the running of a non-profit entity. Andrew became actively involved in the non-profit community working with/for several local organizations (Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association, International Center of Indianapolis, Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission, Indianapolis Concours, Business & Professional Exchange, Irvington Development Organization and the Indiana Humanities Council) on issues ranging from Strategic Planning to Technology implementation, Event Management, and Board Development. Andrew joined AWAH in March 2009, taking over from the founder and leading the organization through the recession. Andrew has championed the development of innovative and sustainable programs for art education.


Scott Hutchinson
Development Director

Scott was born in Ashland, KY. He is as old as you can be and still have attended Head Start. He started elementary school at School 88 in Indianapolis. He grew up in Plainfield, IN and some of his family still lives there. He finished his formal education at Indiana University in Bloomington where his wife teaches. With degrees in English and Economics, he can write a narrative or a budget but should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery. Previously, he has been the Development Director at two national and one local organization as well as providing technical assistance and training to nonprofits and local governments throughout Indiana. Art and education are two of his passions. He has found a new home within the Art With a Heart family and community.


Kaitlyn Akin
Out-of-School Time Programs Director

AWaH offical KA photoKaitlyn worked with AWAH as a program intern while studying for her bachelor’s degree in Art Education at IU Herron School of Art & Design. She worked on special projects including a highly successful mural collaboration with Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, Youth Philanthropy Initiative and the Indianapolis Colts. Kaitlyn has also served as an assistant teacher working in classrooms with at-risk youth. After a study abroad visit to England, Kaitlyn returned to the US and began to teach summer camp with AWAH, including managing her own classroom. In addition to teaching, Kaitlyn has a strong passion for photography and ceramics — both of which she rediscovered during her study abroad while teaching art to 11-18 year old students. Kaitlyn hopes to return to England in the future to experience more of its culture.



Monica Sanchez
Out-of-School Time Programs Support

Joining us at the end of July, Monica is a former elementary art teacher. After many years of teaching in the traditional classroom setting, she and her husband decided to chase wild buffalo across the Plains and went as far as Sacramento before returning “home”. Not able to leave teaching entirely, Monica has continued to teach private art lessons and workshops. With style and sass, Monica is always looking to brighten someone’s day.





Lindsay Moseng
Out-of-School Time Programs Support

With a natural gift and passion for the visual arts, Lindsay formerly dabbled in floral design, art instruction, graphic design, and baking (if you’ve ever been to one of our student art exhibit, she’s the cupcake lady). Seeking purpose beyond her career, she first got involved as a volunteer, and Art With a Heart quickly became her home away from home. The staff was practically forced to either adopt or hire her, so on June 1, 2017, they officially went with the latter. She loves helping students enjoy the art process, going on Dollar Tree shopping adventures, and using her technical and detail-oriented powers for good.



 Shael Weidenbach
Creative Classroom Connections Program Director

Shael is passionate about empowering teachers to bring the paint, crayons and glue back into their classrooms! Her time as a classroom teacher supported her belief that kids learn best by being able to engage with real materials and solve problems through play and creativity.  Shael earned her MA through the Urban Accelerated Certificate and Master’s program at Georgia State University and taught in Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas before finding herself at home in Indiana.  She lives in Irvington where her family enjoys camping, traveling, creating Halloween extravaganzas and playing with their somewhat “derpy” dog, Daisy.



Kelly Bradbury
Site Director

kellyprofile-1Kelly is a former elementary school teacher with a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction. After working as a classroom teacher, she became an instructional coach and mentored others to improve teaching strategies and classroom management.  Employed as a Site Director for AWaH Creative Classroom Connections since 2015, Kelly enjoys working with volunteers and teachers to bring integrated visual arts to early childhood classrooms




Jenn Hash
Site Director

Jenn is an Indianapolis native. She is a proud IPS magnet school graduate. In her youth she took Saturday classes through a program at IUPUI Herron and went to Broad Ripple High School in the Visual Arts and Humanities Magnet.  She graduated from Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts with emphasis in art therapy and a minor in psychology.

After finishing her degree Jenn worked in the non-profit world with both children and developmentally disabled adults. After being gifted motherhood Jenn decided to focus on creating personal artwork and raising her daughters.  During that time she continued to remain connected to the art and non-profit world by volunteering with various organizations and creating and showing her own work.

Jenn became involved with Art with a Heart as a parent when her daughter began the Saturday studio program. The magic that began to grow in her daughter through the program sparked her interest to volunteer.  She then began volunteering with the Creative Classroom Connections Program and enjoyed it so much she dreamed of doing so full time. With both girls in full time school now, Jenn is thrilled to join the team!

In addition to her love for Art with a Heart, Jenn enjoys juggling her time. She continues to love to stretch herself with additional commitments as a studio assistant to a local atelier, a children’s programming director at a local non-profit and volunteering with other non-profits in the Indy area.


Joanna Ireland
Site Director

joannaJoanna graduated from IUPUI with a BS in Psychology and then taught preschool for 15 years at a parent-run cooperative in Irvington. She has 4 children, one of which participated in AWaH’s Creative Kindergarten Connections program. After teaching preschool, Joanna moved on to work for IPS #84 for a year and a half as a Behavior Specialist. During her time at #84, she got involved with us by running a center in the AWaH CKC program. Her youngest son was also participating in the CKC program during that time at his school, “I loved being able to talk to him about what his class did in AWaH that day, and really knowing the program first hand through the work I did at IPS #84,” said Joanna. She fell in love with AwaH; seeing the confidence and enthusiasm it created for her son made her heart sing. Her son has special needs, which makes school a place he doesn’t always feel successful, but in AWaH he always felt successful and he loved coming home to talk about what he learned! She also saw the difference it made for the kids at IPS #84. “Their attention spans were stretched, their fine motor skills increased and confidence in their art ability sky-rocketed,” said Joanna.

Laura Hurrle
Site Director

Laura has a degree in biology and a love for visual arts. Art classes throughout high school and college were a welcomed break from all the text books. They served to keep her in touch with her creativity, showing her first-hand how the arts enhanced her education. Adding to her love of learning was a simple statement by a chemistry professor at Purdue: “I want you to start thinking like a kindergartner again. Start asking why! Why is the sky blue? Why does this balloon float?…” Since then, She has admired how curious and wonderful the childhood mind is and how fun and natural learning is for kids. She purposely attempts to continue to think like a child as often as possible and incorporates this philosophy into her Art With a Heart classrooms. Laura’s favorite aspect of her job is listening to children discuss their artwork…they see so much more than us adults!  In her spare time, Laura enjoys being outdoors, gardening and playing as often as possible. She recently has found the joy of rock climbing and hopes this will add to her ninja skills!


Maureen Hunton
Site Support

Bio and Photo Coming Soon


Mica Wilson
Volunteer Manager

Mica comes to Art With a Heart as the volunteer manager after working as a public school teacher and in children’s ministry. She most identifies as a “professional volunteer.” Mica has a passion for connecting people to projects that make them feel purposeful and fulfilled. She is a native Texan and is tickled to death exploring out-of-the-way places in Indiana in her free time. It should be said that Mica loves coffee and cake (not necessarily in that order). 





AWaH Family Members who did wonderful work for us in the past, but now officially work somewhere else (but sometimes still work here!) 

Kathy Calwell
Kristen Cummings
Carmen Garcia Harris
Kait Mariutto
Melissa Ridder


Part Time + Collaborating Teachers

Brittney Bowers
Jessica Green
Helen Harris
Desiree Hinshaw
Marlina Koonce
Laura Reilly
Emma Said
Glenna Stevens
Caren Stinger
Leslie Walsh
Abby Wolf