Setting the standard for art instruction and education in urban neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis

Art With a Heart offers a variety of art programs for children who want to learn and explore through art. We offer several studio programs for students 2nd -12th grade, as well as a unique in-school professional development program that helps classroom teachers administer an integrated arts curriculum to early childhood classrooms.  During the summer months, we provide a full-day, immersive art camp experience. Student art galleries are held at the conclusion of each programming session to celebrate their successes and engage parents and community members. 

Our Program Offerings

Many children who come to Art With a Heart have had little exposure to the arts; some only having experience with basic drawing materials.  By giving these students the opportunity to create with high quality art materials, we expose them to more than one way of looking at and creating art.  Art With a Heart is dedicated to introducing children to the joy that comes from creating art in a safe, secure and enriching environment.

At Art With a Heart, we believe in and adhere to the following core values:

  • Quality art starts with quality materials.
  • Low student/teacher ratios (15:1), which allow us to give more individual attention.
  • The emotional well-being of our students is of utmost importance.
  • Student safety is paramount.
  • The joy of the creative process is always to be encouraged.
  • Students should be held to high expectations in order to do their best work.
  • State standards for education should and will be incorporated into lesson plans.
  • Students can/will be challenged to learn creativity and applying problem-solving skills.
  • Artistic skill/technique is first demonstrated, then practiced, reviewed and tested.
  • Students can/should be taught leadership development, team building and cooperation skills.
  • Students can/should be taught to focus and follow through on projects to completion.