New Kindergarten Program Attracts Funders

Here at AWaH we’ve recently come to realize that there’s a flaw in much of the arts education programming offered to schools. We’d like to see programming that develops the school staff, raises the profile of the arts faculty and minimizes the longer term expense for the school. To that end we’ve restructured our Kindergarten program to do all of those things and we’re rolling it out in IPS this Fall. In late May the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust confirmed that they will support our redesigned program with a $60,000 grant over two years. The money will help AWaH provide Kindergarten programs in four Indianapolis Public Schools locations starting in January 2013. Specifically the funds help cover staff salaries and pay for evaluation of the program in the second year. In addition the Trust’s support, funding for materials in this program has been provided through a grant from the Junior League of Indianapolis; in April JLI presented a check for $10,000 to Art With a Heart to cover materials for the coming school year. The new Kindergarten program is a major strategic investment for the organization and will represent as much as 25% of the organization’s budget in FY2014.

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