LuAnn Tanzilli Volunteer Spotlight

VSLLuAnn Tanzilli has worked with Delta Air Lines, in Indianapolis, for 7 years she is a Customer Service Associate. Due to Delta Airlines encouragement for their employees to give back to the community on both a local and national level, LuAnn found AWaH.

During LuAnn’s time with us she was a classroom assistant, her responsibilities consisted of setting up the art room, interacting with students, and cleaning the classroom after class. She even assists with setting up student’s art exhibits! LuAnn tells us that the most rewarding thing about her volunteer time with AWaH was, “Experiencing the creativeness of the participating children and their eagerness to encourage each other.”

LuAnn talks about how one little boy had impacted her time at AWaH. “In one of our last projects the students were creating a collage of their work for the first annual AWaH exhibit for their families.  A young boy would work for a while on his project and then come over to me with a big smile, stand for a couple of minutes and return to his art project.  No questions, just a smile and a friendly stare.  On the third visit I inquired if there was something special he needed and then went with him to his creation and learned that he was carefully creating an AWaH logo to add to his poster from the logo on my volunteer shirt. What a precious compliment and gesture.  The semester has been very enriching.”

Thank you for your amazing volunteer service LuAnn! We are excited to have you back next year!