Junior Board

“Draw Something!” is name of a new initiative by our Junior Board to increase engagement with after school and summer students following their time with us in programming. The project will create 400 drawing books with activities submitted by students, Junior Board members and local artists. The goal is to encourage students to continue practicing art after the program and to explore their personal expression and skill development at their own pace.

Students who complete activities from the book may email or text their work to Art With a Heart for inclusion on our website’s Wall of Fame.  The best pieces from the Wall of Fame will be featured at a First Friday event later this year. 

Example “Draw Something!” activities:

  • Draw a happy place.
  • Draw your favorite hobby.
  • Look carefully around you for a few minutes; draw something you see that is interesting or beautiful.
  • Draw someone you respect.
  • Draw your favorite animal doing your three favorite activities.

If you have an idea you would like to submit for inclusion in the “Draw Something!” book, visit our submission page at www.artwithaheart.us/draw-something or call 317 602 7222 and leave a message for our Executive Director, Andrew Lee.

Recently, three of the Junior Board members, Gemma Baugh, Emma LaPlante, and Melissa Kraft submitted a grant to Hamilton County Youth As Resources (YAR) and we are pleased to announce that the request was fully funded. With $987 from YAR, the project is nearly funded. Plans are in place to distribute the “Draw Something!” project books to middle school students in our summer and fall after school programs.

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Art With a Heart’s Junior Board is a unique asset that provides a service experience to high school students interested in art, kids and/or education.  The junior board has two roles, first recruiting high school students to serve as classroom aides in our summer and after school programs.  Second is to raise money for materials students can take home with them at the end of their program so they can keep doing art activities in their own time.

The Junior Board is always seeking new members, especially freshmen and sophomores.  Join Us! Dedication Required!

The Junior Board consists of high school students who represent eight city high schools, and is essential to the success of Art with a Heart. The children in the Art with a Heart program inspire us through their hard-work and success. As Junior Board members, we have discovered the ways that boards make a positive impact in our community. In addition, we have developed leadership and business skills that we will be able to use throughout our lives.We are looking for high school and college students to join the Junior Board. The most important responsibility of the board is to be a source of reliable dedication to the entire program – just as the children inspire us, we hope our hard work and dedication will inspire others to make a difference in their community.Other responsibilities of the Junior Board include:
[tabs] [tab title=”Volunteer Recruitment”] The heart of the Art with a Heart program, volunteers are the mentors who help guide the students and provide examples of success. Our goal is to have at least one Junior Board member at each programming site and exhibit. [/tab] [tab title=”Classroom/Exhibit Participation”] All Junior Board members participate in the program as classroom mentors and/or exhibit volunteers. [/tab] [tab title=”Monthly Meetings”] Actively participate in our continued efforts to build awareness about Art with a Heart and to develop new ideas to promote the organization’s continued success. [/tab] [tab title=”Grant Applications”] Assist in the writing of grants and procedural management of the application process. [/tab] [/tabs]

Junior Board Members

Paige Roszkowski
Francesca Conterno
Emma LaPlante
Gemma Baugh
Juliet Martone
Asha Hardy

To apply for membership, please complete the Junior Board Application.

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Our Junior Board is working on a very special project for our art students and they are looking for some input from the community! Learn more about Draw Something here!