Honors Goes to Chicago!

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Honors students journey to the Fields Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago to see some very famous pieces of art


Earlier this month, 55 kids along with a few parents from the Honors program hopped on a bus and spent a long day touring two major museums in Chicago and seeing artwork they’ve studied, up-close and personal. Students were given scavenger hunt challenges at each location and questions to answer to reinforce learning from the trip. They had a blast!

24996406663_801e509705_kFirst, they visited the Fields Museum where they saw the Terracotta Warriors including a sample of the warriors and exhibits showing the archeological recovery process and other implements from that period of history. Did you know the Terracotta army features soldiers, cavalry, servants and entertainers all intended to follow China’s first emperor in the afterlife?

24992579684_937d665cc5_zThen they visited the Art Institute of Chicago to see Van Gogh’s Bedrooms focused on three versions of one of his most famous pictures and other supporting works. Many of the paintings being less well-known pieces by the artist, that illustrated his artistic development before and after he occupied the little yellow house in Arles from which the title of the exhibit was drawn.

Everyone had a great time and were wiped out from the long day of activities. Special thanks to Jeanine Zipfel who helped make the field trip possible for these very deserving kids!


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