Who benefits from Art With a Heart?

Art With a Heart strives to serve historically underserved communities within the Indianapolis community. With that mind, we collaborate with schools, churches, community centers and safe havens in these neighborhoods.

Click here for a list of schools, churches, community centers and safe havens we currently work with.

How can I get my school, safe haven or church involved in Art With a Heart?

Art With a Heart wants to help as many children as possible. To offer our programs at your school, safe haven or church:

  1. Contact our Director of Out-of-School-Time Programs, Kaitlyn Akin, or our Director of Early Childhood Programs at (317) 602-7222.
  2. We will work with you to determine which program best meets the needs of the students in your facility.
  3.  You will be responsible for raising the funds necessary to cover the costs of your program.  We have a number of granting agents and sponsorships to help offset costs and make programs achievable for agencies with limited resources.
  4.  Once a contract and payment has been arranged, programming, including high quality teaching and materials will begin!

I’m a parent, how can I get my child into an Art With a Heart class or camp?

All individuals interested in participating in an Art With a Heart classes, after-school programs or summer camps, may call Art With a Heart at (317) 602-7222 for additional information.  All class fees are on a sliding scale based on the living wage for Marion County.