Creative Classroom Connections


Creative Classroom Connections

The Art With a Heart in-school program Creative Classroom Connections is an integrated art approach to professional development for teachers and volunteers.  In addition to providing materials and support to classroom teachers, it builds problem-solving skills, positive behavior, and self-confidence among children.

Drawing upon research that supports the elevation of learning through the arts, Creative Classroom Connections is a collaborative effort between Art With a Heart educators and their classroom colleagues, with input from practicing teachers who have participated in the program.

Follow-up surveys indicate that 95% of teachers who’ve used our curricula-based Creative Classroom Connections would recommend it to their peers.

To watch a video about Creative Classroom Connections in action click here.

 “AWaH allows me to teach young children in a way that is very developmentally appropriate. In this era of fast-paced, test-crazy times, it allows me to slow down and be the teacher I want to be!~Early Childhood Teacher

I loved getting all of the hugs, notes and pictures from the kids. It’s a pretty great thing when you can do something so small as give the kids attention and you get so much more back out of it. I think it is definitely more rewarding for me that it is them!” ~Early Childhood Volunteer

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