AWAH Honors Program to Expand this Fall

If you come in to our Saturday Honors Art program as a visitor, expect to be accosted!   Honors Art has always been the place for those students who show the strongest response to art as a component of their personal development, so when they’re in the studio they’re excited, challenged, focused and sometime frustrated as they try to make sense of their latest project.   They love to talk to you about it too!  Many of our Honors students have been with us for 5 years or more, they come back because they and their parents recognize that our studio is somewhere their child can be comfortable, because being an artist and putting your work out there for the world to see can be traumatic as a teenager.  It costs around $500 per student per year to be in Honors and our expansion is always dependent on finding new funding.

So with great delight AWaH announces today that grants from both the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the Indiana Arts Commission will be used to expand our Honors Art program this fall.   Lawrence Art Center will become our second program venue.  Located at 4437 N Franklin Road, the center is entering its third year of operation and takes us back to the part of the city where we started, where we had our first office and where we were sad to leave some students behind when our last studio closed in 2009.  The partnership with LAC provides an affordable space and in anticipation of more art programs in Lawrence next year we think this is a great time to offer more students the chance to enter the creative class.

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