Art With a Heart pilots Creative Pre-K Connections!

Art With a Heart pilots Creative Pre-K Connections this year at Indianapolis Public School #107

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Following a year of substantial growth and recognition for the Creative Kindergarten Connections (CKC) program, we announce our newest program, Creative Pre-K Connections, to be piloted at IPS #107. The Pre-K program is grounded in research just like the Kindergarten program and is ultimately the essential FullSizeRender (3)next step to the development of a complete early-childhood curriculum in Pre-K through third grades.

Evaluation from 2014-15 showed many positive impacts in the 19 classrooms that participated in the Creative Kindergarten Connections program such as; improved self-regulation among students, classroom’s improvement in areas within the Creative Indicators Survey, and multiple teachers indicating interest to continue the CKC programming the following year. This data led to AWaH’s idea to develop programming that will embrace all early childhood years, taking place over the next 5 years, with Pre-K being the first to stand alongside CKC.

IPS #107 was chosen as the pilot school for the Pre-K program when former Kindergarten teacher Stephanie Loiselle was moved from IPS #96 to #107 to teach Pre-K. Stephanie immediately reached out to us in hopes of bringing the same impact of the Creative Kindergarten Connections program to her new Pre-K classroom. “The timing was just right,” said our Director of Early Childhood Programming, Carmen Garcia-Harris. “We were ready to develop this program, and IPS #107 became the perfect place for a pilot.”FullSizeRender (1)

Our staff collaborated with Stephanie, Monica Reed, also a Pre-K teacher at #107 and Amy Bishopp, an early childhood expert, to develop age-appropriate curriculum that is designed to feature a “guided-exploration,” which provides students with oral feedback that brings them together to explore, examine, question, build new ideas, discover new understandings, and develop new skills with an excitement for learning

It’s an exciting time for us and IPS #107, and each participant in this new program is thankful to #107’s principal Jeremy Baugh for making this vision come to life at this school.