After School Art Enrichment

Art With a Heart provides high quality after school art classes to a variety of Indianapolis area schools & community centers with at-risk student populations.   Our after school curriculum is designed to support a growth in cultural understanding through art experiences.  As our world becomes increasingly smaller, it is important to educate our students to have an understanding of different ideas, processes and ways of life.  Art is an excellent avenue to discover, understand and promote respect for the differences and similarities of communities across the globe.  Our curriculum highlights a variety of places around the globe and continues to explore various art processes and subject matter.  Core curriculum standards are incorporated into the art lessons to reinforce and encourage academic success.

Art With a Heart’s After School Collaborative Teacher Program work directly with the each school’s art teacher, providing an opportunity for Indianapolis Art Teachers to offer additional art classes to interested students at their school.  The requirements to be a Collaborative Teacher are as follows:

  • Get approval (in writing) from your principal to use your classroom, at no charge, during the after school hours to teach the program
  • Attend teacher training & curriculum sharing workshop
  • Promote the program using the materials provided
  • Register students, collect fees from parents if necessary, take photographs and fulfill administrative tasks (attendance, program surveys, etc.)
  • Host an exhibit at your school (inviting parents and school staff) after each program

Art With a Heart offers competitive part-time pay.  If you would like to be considered for the Collaborative Teacher program, please contact Andrew Lee at (317) 602-7222 x1 or

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