About AWaH

Our Vision:

The Art With a Heart vision is that all children, regardless of background, have the opportunity to improve their quality of life through artistic expression.

Our Mission:

The mission of Art With a Heart is to provide equitable opportunities for high quality visual arts education to Indianapolis children and youth.

We provide hands-on visual arts experiences that educate and inspire children in Indianapolis. Our programs uniquely reinforce academics within the artistic experience and strive to instill confidence in our kids, benefiting them in both school and life.

Our Method:

Art With a Heart positively impacts the lives of thousands of children, and thereby builds better communities through art, education and love.

Using standards-driven fine art curriculum, Art With a Heart offers programming for children both in school and out of school. We strive to teach skills that benefit children in both school and life. Lesson plans are designed to encourage critical thinking and build problem-solving skills. Curricula include state-mandated educational standards. Low student:teacher ratios (15:1) combined with numerous volunteers help us provide the attention our students need.  We teach on-site at various locations from IPS classrooms to neighborhood centers to our own studio at 37 Place.

See our Programs for more information on where we serve.

Our Students:

  • Over 3,500 students served annually
  • Ages range from Pre-K through 12th Grade
  • 70% of Art With a Heart students come from families who identify as at or below the federal poverty line
  • 60% Black, 20% Latino, 20% Caucasian

The Art With A Heart Story

2002: Founder and art teacher Carol Conrad created Art With a Heart to provide hands-on visual art experiences that educate, inspire, and give hope to children.

2005:  Art With a Heart started with two summer camps and quickly grew. Within 3 years, AWaH was running programming year-round and adding after school programs during the school year. Around the same time, AWaH opened its first studio and began offering Saturday classes which grew into the Honors programs that serves the most artistically interested students.

2007: AWaH launched a kindergarten program in response to the state’s decision to fund all-day kindergarten.

2009: Carol Conrad retired, placing the organization in the hands of the Board of Trustees and a new Executive Director.